These are the ten best, and the ten worst jobs to have as researched by CareerCast for 2012. Where do you think your job falls?


We all have days where we just don't want to play in the sandbox! Even if you are blessed with the best job around. Based on things like job stress, demands pf physical labor, pay, working conditions and job growth and opportunity, here are the best and the worst jobs to have for 2012.


On a scale of 1 being the best, and 200 being the worst, here are the top 10; Software Engineer, Actuary, Human Resources Manager, Dental Hygienist, Financial Planner, Audiologists, Occupational Therapist, Online Advertising Manager, Computer System Analyst, and Mathematician. Now for the 10 worst jobs to have for 2012;Lumberjack, Dairy Farmer, Enlisted Military Soldier, Oil Rig Worker, Newspaper Reporter, Waiter or Waitress, Meter Reader, Dish Washer, Butcher and Broadcaster.


As I type this, I realize that my husband and I both have jobs in the bottom 10! Is you job in the top 10, the bottom 10, or somewhere in between?