Did you even know that there are rattlesnakes in Michigan? Just ask 13-year-old Caylee Kapa and her younger brother. They have a story.

Massasauga rattlesnakes just want to be left alone. According to a Detroit Zoo curator. However, 13-year-old Caylee Kapa and her younger brother got to close to one on a Stoney Creek Metropark trail.

Here's what happened, Anthony, Caylee's brother went to step on the snake and Caylee reached for the reptile at the same time to move it. The snake bit her. She is being treated at Beaumont Children's Hospital.

Researchers at Purdue University have implanted transmitters to track the animals in Michigan wetlands, which happen to be the massasauga's favorite place. The snake that bit Caylee was only 9 inches long. It was born this year. The problem with the juvenile rattlesnake is that they cannot control their venom, often delivering more than an adult snake.