Some parents are calling it a prank that went to far. Far more parents, and some child psychologists are labeling it a case of bullying. You be the judge.

Grade 8 students at Roseland Public School in Windsor, Ontario were promised an end of the year trip to Disney World. Teachers made fake permission slips, assembled lots of information on park amenities, hotels and cheap flights and then did a surprise slide presentation to the young students. Their enthusiastic responses were recorded on a teacher's iPad. The next day the students were told that the Disney World trip was a prank, and that they would be taking a trip to a local bowling alley instead. To rub a bit of salt in the wound, the prank video was shown to other kids in that school.


As you would imagine, the kids feel horribly upset and humiliated, and parents are angry as well. Was this a prank that went to far? Should the teachers who took part in this be disciplined?