Usually when you think of school bullying, you think it's being done by students. Think again. A 14-year-old special-needs girl in Ohio was the victim of bullying - bullying by her teacher and the teacher's aide.

Cheyanne (whose last name was withheld from the video on NBC's Today Show) then went to school armed with a hidden tape recorder, outfitted by her father. Some of the things caught on tape were disturbing:

“Cheyanne, are you kidding me? Are you that damn dumb? You are that dumb? Oh my God. You are such a liar. You told me you don’t know. It’s no wonder you don’t have friends. No wonder nobody likes you because you lie, cheat.’’

On another occasion, Chaffins can be heard poking fun at Cheyanne’s appearance.

“Cheyanne, don’t you want to do something to get rid of that belly? Well evidently you don’t because you don’t do anything at home. You sit at home and watch TV. All night. All weekend.’’

The aide, Kelly Chaffins was asked to resign; teacher Christie Wilt may be allowed to teach again.