"Disengaged, lazy whiners."  Just one of the numerous phrases 30 year-old English teacher Natalie Munroe used to describe her students in her personal blog.

Supporters have started a Facebook page, and applaud the suburban Philadelphia for her courage for telling it like it is, and compare her words to tough love.  Others call it verbal abuse.  Whatever it is, it's more proof that anything published or committed online is permanent.  Email, Facebook, a blog - when you hit send or submit, there's no way to un-ring the bell.  The blog has since been taken down, but portions were obtained by MSNBC:

'Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy LOAFERS'
"My students are out of control," Munroe, who has taught 10th, 11th and 12th grades, wrote in one post. "They are rude, disengaged, lazy whiners. They curse, discuss drugs, talk back, argue for grades, complain about everything, fancy themselves entitled to whatever they desire, and are just generally annoying."

And in another post, Munroe — who is more than eight months pregnant — quotes from the musical "Bye Bye Birdie": "Kids! They are disobedient, disrespectful oafs. Noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy LOAFERS."

She also listed some comments she wished she could post on student evaluations, including: "I hear the trash company is hiring"; "I called out sick a couple of days just to avoid your son"; and "Just as bad as his sibling. Don't you know how to raise kids?"

Harsh words? Yes.  But probably no more so than those spoken by countless teachers in the privacy of their own homes, or teachers' lounges.  Hussain's mistake was making a 'permanent record' of her thoughts online.