An Ohio teacher is caught on camera grabbing a six-year-old student by the face.

Anthony and Autumn Nelson are still stunned by what happened to their 6-year old son Ian last Wednesday. Ian is a kindergartner in Riverdale School, near Toledo, Ohio. Everything was caught on security video.

Ian was walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom. The surveillance camera then shows his teacher, Barb Williams, confront him as he steps out of the bathroom. The teacher grabs Ian and pins him up against the wall. Then grabs him by the face, but it doesn't end there. She picks him up by his shirt and his head flops back.

The Nelsons say Ian had a bruise to the back of the head. A letter Tuesday from Riverdale Superintendent, Eric Hoffman informed Barb Williams that she is suspended for ten days without pay. In his words, "Your repeated use of physical force was completely unwarranted and unprofessional."

The Nelsons want her terminated. They plan to take the video to the Hancock County Sheriff's Office to pursue criminal charges.Warning the video is kind of hard to watch.