As we begin a new school year, I want to share an inspirational video titled 'What Teachers Make'. It has become a rallying cry for teachers all across the country.

Poet Taylor Mali spent nine years in the classroom, and now performs and lectures for teachers all around the world.

A few years before this performance, Mali went to a New Year's Eve party where a condescending young lawyer insulted him and the entire teaching profession. The lawyer argued that since teachers are compensated so poorly, anyone who would choose to become a teacher must be of questionable intelligence. He concluded is haranguing by asking Mali, "Be honest. What do you make?"

As the kids head off to school for another year, and Michigan teachers continue to face economic setbacks, remember that good teachers really do make a difference.

Please note:  The video contains a small amount of language and a gesture that could be considered offensive, so it may not be suitable for viewing in some work environments, or  in certain family situations.