Taylor Swift enjoys keeping her personal life to herself but singing about it is another story, as she tells People Magazine below:

"I will say everything in my music," says the 20-year-old country star. And the past two years of her life – a period that included failed relationships with Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner (and, apparently, some drama with John Mayer) – gave her plenty of material for her emotionally charged new album Speak Now, out Oct. 25.

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"There's been extreme joy, extreme pain, extreme curveballs," Swift tells PEOPLE in the new issue, available on newsstands Friday. "Sometimes when things impact you so intensely, it takes writing a song to get over them."

Love, she says, keeps her at once confused and fascinated. But as much as guys inspire her music, Swift doesn't obsess over her relationship status: "Being single is wonderful and I love it. I don't ever have a morning where I wake up and say, 'I really need to find a boyfriend today.'"