Opening Day = Play Hooky
It's Detroit Tiger's Opening Day today, or as some would call it, "I'm not going into work at all today". If you are in need of some pointers on how to "play hooky" today, here are a few:
Work Related Stress – America’s Got it!
Are you stressed out about your job? You’re not alone in America. A new survey of US employees finds nearly three out of every four of them experience at least one of a variety of workplace-related worries.
Cop Faces Charges For Stealing From Work Fridge
We've all had co-workers eat our food that we leave in the fridge at work, which can be frustrating at times. One cop had been caught stealing from his work fridge and now faces misdemeanor theft charges and a 30 day suspension.
Has Unemployment Changed Our Ideas About Work?
With unemployment running at all-time highs for a significant length of time, it should come as no surprise that many Americans are getting more open to employment options— according to a new survey, we’re changing the way we look at temp work, in particular.
Odd Jobs with Rod and Erin
Odd Jobs with Rod and Erin
Would you consider your job different or unique? How would you like it if Rod and Erin stopped by your work place to try your job? Here's how it works: Fill in the form below to let them know where you work and what you do...
Travis Broyles Will Do Anything; For Money
Who is Travis Broyles? I don't know, but he sure is willing to do almost anything for money reports Travis posted an ad on titled 'I DO ANYTHING.' He lost his job, his drivers license and had no money so he got creative. Too bad more people don't have his …

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