Winter Storm

Michigan Braces For Winter Blast
Following a sub-par summer, and so far an underwhelming fall, Mother Nature is at it again! After freezing the western U.S. over the last few days, Michigan is now in the cross-hairs of a winter storm.
Yesterday in Flint, temperatures topped out around 60...
Mild Michigan Winter About To Pack A Punch
Looking for school closing and cancellations? They're all right here!
When you think about a Michigan winter, the past few months seem incredibly out of place.  Sure we've had a few cold nights and a few inches of snow here and there, but we've also had some days with temperatures in the 60s.
Despite …
Motorists Unfazed By Mid-Michigan’s First Blast Of Winter
Despite the heavy snow that came down in Flint and Genesee County overnight, it didn't really stop us in our tracks.  While many schools to the north and west of Flint were closed due to the weather, Genesee County schools for the most part stayed open.
The main problem that we experienced was power …