Mid-Michigan Weather Takes Another Turn
After the heavy rain that fell in Mid-Michigan, causing flooding and other problems for residents, Mother Nature is about to take a potentially deadly turn.  We've easily broken temperature and rainfall records over the past few days which has left the ground saturated.  With no where…
This Could Be A Brutal Winter On The Way
This summer has been extremely hot and dry across the country with numerous record-breaking temperatures. You might find yourself wishing that we saved some of that heat if weather forecasters are right.  We are being warned to brace for a harsh winter.
Massive 50-foot-Deep Sinkhole Opens Up In Central Florida [VIDEO]
Looks like these home owners in Windermere, Florida have something that certainly makes their home more unique than others in the neighborhood. A sinkhole that has already swallowed four oak trees.
The hole has grown to 100 feet wide and 50 feet deep and is now within 3 feet from the back of the …

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