Valentine's Day

The Top 20 Conversation Hearts That Have Been Retired
My how times have changed! This is the 147th Valentine's Day people will celebrate with those candy conversation hearts. Sure, they taste like you're eating chalk or drywall, but the messages on them are the best, which is why people buy four million pounds of them a year during the six we…
Woman Receives Flowers From Her Dead Husband
A clip from a magazine has been making its rounds online. We're not sure exactly what magazine it came from but it looks to be from 'Redbook.' It's a story from a 68-year-old woman in Houston, Texas named Sue Johnston.
10 Adorably Terrifying Valentines By Kids
Children's unfiltered honesty can be as heart-meltingly adorable as it is embarrassing. (What parent hasn't wished for an invisibility cloak after a loud proclamation by their child in the middle of the grocery store?) Valentine's Day gives kids a chance to put that honesty to good us…

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