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Birth Control Ads About To Become More Subliminal [VIDEO](NSFW)
Here on American television you do see condom ads that are certainly rated PG. In the last year or two the Vaseline adult products have popped up, no pun intended. I would say that they are done tastefully. A French ad agency has come up with a new ad campaign for condom maker Durex. It may not be l…
FCC Turns Down the Volume on Loud TV Commercials [VIDEO]
Even if you use TiVo to skip through the commercials, you still get blasted by them if you don't dive for the remote quite fast enough. That will change about a year from now when the FCC's new rules go into effect, stipulating that TV commercials can't be louder than the programming.
J.C. Penney Pulls TV Ad Some Consider Sexist [VIDEO]
Harmless and creative? Sexist and offensive? You decide!
J.C. Penney has pulled a TV commercial after conservative watchdogs One Million Moms called the ad "blatantly disrespectful to all women," and urged readers to call the retailer.
The commercial titled, "It is seriously hot in here…