trick shots

Crazy Trick Shot Of The Day [VIDEO]
This is a crazy shot. I'm not much of a basketball fan but I do have great respect for those that can do very special things with a ball.
Here is an example of doing something very special with a basketball. Take a look at the video and make sure and check out the slow motion replay at the end.
Basketball Trick Shots Old And New [VIDEOS]
Trick shot videos are surfacing on the internet daily; football, basketball and next there will be soccer or baseball. You may remember the original McDonald's commercial with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, then the remake with LeBron James and Dwight Howard; now there's these guys from Am…
Presenting…The Trick Shot Quarterback [VIDEO]
Personally, whenever I think about 'trick shots', I think about basketball. I have always been very impressed with the ball handling skills of today's basketball players, a little jealous actually, however this story is about football.