10 Real Life Horror Movie Locations
Now that Halloween is quickly approaching, why not grab a few friends and visit these 10 real-life locations that famous horror movies used in order to scare and thrill their audience? It's a good way to get some spine-tingling chills as you walk past these infamous sites without having to spen…
The 10 Most Haunted Places in America
As Halloween draws near, shut the lights off, grab your pet, a well-worn blanket, and curl up to read about some of the most spine-tingling and frightening places on Earth. As the ghost stories of each place draw you in, be aware of that disembodied footstep or strange rapping noise-it may just be a…
How Many Guns Actually Get On Planes?
There is not a more dangerous weapon to have onboard an airplane than a gun. Discharged at high altitude, it would cause immediate decompression and a dangerous situation for all the passengers. It's possible that hundreds of loaded handguns could be making it aboard commercial flights every day.
Boy with Down Syndrome Denied Travel By Airlines
If you had a child with Down Syndrome, how would you feel if the airlines refused to let them board a first-class flight? A family in Southern California family are claiming discrimination.
They were waiting to board a flight from Newark, New Jersey to Bakersfield, California, when Joan and Robert Va…
Woman Stuck At Airport For Eight Days Over Baggage Fees
A woman spent eight days at the airport because she couldn't afford to pay $60 in baggage fees. She was on her way to Iowa to start a new life and all she had was two bags, her ticket and $30. She asked if she could pay the fee once she landed but the airline told her no.

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