Our Survey – Do you Answer Telephone Surveys?
Public opinion polling happens frequently via the telephone. In these surveys a random sample of people are contacted to take part in the poll. Are you willing to give your opinion?
According to the Pew Research Center — most say no.
New York – Officially the Nation’s Rudest City
If you have ever traveled to a big city, then you probably are aware of a different kind of feeling that comes with it. Big cities seem colder, less friendly than smaller towns, almost rude at times. Well, you were probably right. According to a ‘Travel + Leisure’ survey of the…
Take A Music Survey – Get Paid
Your opinion counts to Cars 108! You are invited to be part of an exclusive group of listeners who will help influence the station that you listen to, and, you will be paid for sharing your opinions about music! For each song survey you qualify for and complete, you will earn points redeemable for g…