Pool Diving Failures To Avoid This Summer
This is Memorial Day weekend, which around my place means the pool is open and summer begins! It also means that the crew goes back to diving and belly flops. It also means a summer of people fully-clothed falling in the pool and diving fails. Ready to watch a few to get in the summer mood?
Do Electric Fans Really Help During Hot Weather?
Summer in, humid and sticky! Electric fans are on the end of every store aisle and in everyone's shopping cart. But do they really help in hot weather? The answer might surprise you. Read the story after the jump.
Summer Fun With A ‘Slip’N Slide’ Falls Compilation!
Now that it is officially summer, time to pull out the hose, sprinklers and water toys to let the falls begin! Temperatures are warming up while the slips and falls begin with this compilation of "Slip 'N Slide' falls that will cool you right down, courtesy of the folks at HuffPos…
Enjoy The Zoo With The Family This Summer
Here's a perfect idea for a short family trip this summer - take them to the zoo! Did you know there is a fantastic zoo as close as Lansing? In just a short 40 minutes jaunt, you can share the wonders of animals and nature with the kids at the Potter Park Zoo.
Tis’ the Season – Car and Motorcycle Shows Coming!
With springtime upon us, that means that car shows and motorcycle shows become a huge part of our good weather entertainment. Baker College of Flints' Center for Transportation Technology is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Car & Motorcycle Show coming up on Sunday, May 20th, from 9am till 3pm…
Parents Want To Ban Ice Cream Truck From Playground
I loved it when the ice cream truck would come around in the summer, but others don't love it so much. A group of parents in New York want the ice cream truck banned from the playground because they don't want to fight with their kids over ice cream every day.
Is It Time To Open The Pool For Summer? (Poll)
We've had a long run of very mild temperatures this spring. I know that today is officially the first day of spring but with temperatures above eighty today and again tomorrow, is it time to think about opening the pool early this year? Usually I target Memorial Day weekend, but with this warm …
Top Ten Summer Songs
The sun shining high in the sky, people crowding the beaches, the kids are out of school, this can only mean one thing its officially summer and what better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than with a list of songs about summer. We have chosen our top ten songs with a summer feel for your enjoy…