Man Wins Fight Against City for ‘Flower Potty’ [VIDEO]
Spring is in the air, and I am itching to get my garden all prepped and ready to start planting flowers.  My wife loves the bird feeder and bird bath I bought for her.  She even loves the solar powered lights that kick on at night.  How would she respond if I told her I was going to p…
Springtime In Michigan
The calendar says it's Spring, but it also says it's March.  A winter storm continues as of this posting to dump snow, sleet and freezing rain on our area.  Many schools closed, and numerous traffic accidents and power outages resulted from the lousy weather...
Spring Is Officially Here! (Almost)
We've managed to survive a really long winter.  Lots of snow and cold with little relief.  Sunday evening at 7:21 the Vernal Equinox, or Spring officially arrives!