Dad Forces Son to Wear Sign for Bad Grades [VIDEO]
Is this a sign of the times? Yet another parent is forcing his son to stand at a busy intersection, donning a sign that outlines his bad grades.
Is it getting old? Where were this boy's parents earlier in the school year?
Does 'parenting by humiliation' really work?
Mom Forces Son To Wear Sign Detailing His Bad Grades [VIDEO]
15-year-old James Mond is being forced by his mother to stand on various Tampa, Florida street corners with a sign that details his poor GPA and bad score on an achievement test.
The sign encourages motorists to "Honk if I need an education."
Rhoda Holder says James will have to perform this…
What’s Your Sign?
If you are one of those who check their horoscope daily, you might be reading the wrong one.  Astronomers now say that the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth knocked the stars out of alignment by a month.  Not only that, but there is now a 13th sign.