Should Kids Get Cash For Good Grades? [Video/Poll]
I was watching this segment on the "Today Show" the other day and a professor was talking about paying kids for good grades. He gave the example of someone running a school where kids come from tough backgrounds and they aren't reading or motivated.
He said let's say administrators decided …
School Bans Dr. Seuss Book
Most of us love Dr. Seuss books and most of us remember reading them all the time in school. It's always one of those staples that you must have at least one of the books.
This is not the case for one school in Canada. They are not pleased with the 'Yertle the Turtle' story because off…
Teacher Has Students Write Cards To Inmates
How would you feel if you found out your child wrote a Christmas card to an inmate? One teacher in New York is on leave right now, after the school found out she had her students make Christmas cards for lonely inmates. Some of the cards even had students' names and addresses on them.
Principal On Leave For Letting Students Swallow Cinnamon
Students at a school in Connecticut participated in a "cinnamon challenge" during lunch and now the principal is on leave for allowing it to happen. The students were swallowing spoonfuls of cinnamon, but some say this has resulted in fits of coughing and even vomiting in other cas…
HIV Positive Boy Denied School Enrollment
A 13-year-old HIV positive boy in Pennsylvania has been denied enrollment because of his health status, so his family is suing the Milton Hershey School for discrimination, according to Yahoo. The school says they can't meet the boy's needs. The lawsuit seeks immediate admission, compensat…
911 Call Released From Genesee County Bomb Threat [Video]
This past Friday was pretty scary for Genesee County as news broke in the early afternoon about an alarming phone call made to 911 that there were five bombs in five schools. ABC-12 has obtained the first call made which is the voice of an older man saying they had two hours to disarm the bombs.

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