Santa Claus

Should Santa Be Banned From Shopping Malls And Stores?
It's still a tradition for many families at Christmas time. Parents with young children brave crowded shopping malls and department stores to take their place in line to see Santa Claus. Dressed in holiday sweaters and Christmas dresses, with lists at the ready, they stand in line to have a few minu…
Santa’s Rappelling Stunt Goes Wrong [VIDEO]
Here's proof even Santa has a bad day now and then. Santa's arrival at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, Florida was delayed Saturday when his beard got caught in rappelling equipment. This looks like it made for a painfully slow decent from the mall's ceiling. I hope this sort of thing doesn't happe…
Track Santa Here!
Have the kids track Santa's journey by clicking here!  NORAD, the North American Aerospace Command, began tracking Santa's progress by accident in 1955!  Read more to see the whole story.
Where is Santa now?
Santa Claus is coming to town!
...and, as we know, that's a lot of towns to visit in one night!
NORAD -- whose primary purpose is a missile tracking organization to help keep the U.S.A. and Canada safe -- also follows Santa's flight so you can see everywhere he travels until he reaches the F…