The 2013 Super Bowl Revisited For Fun!
With the 2013 Super Bowl behind us, it might be fun to look back at it with a little different perspective. There were performers like Beyonce, there were blackouts, and there were commercials. Let's have a fun look:
$14,000 Prom Dresses
Soon it's going to be time for prom, which means the search is on for the perfect dress. So, would you actually spend on $14,000 on a dress?
I’m Done with Snow!
I really thought we would be done with snow after the last storm, but I guess I was wrong. Silly me for thinking it was going to start getting warmer and spring was just around the corner.
Slowest Week Ever
I've talked to a lot of people who agree with me in thinking that this is the slowest week ever.  I thought the week of Christmas went by way too fast, but for some reason the weekend can't come soon enough!