How Much Do You Tip? – Survey
Generally these days, the rule of tipping is considered to be about 15%. I usually try to leave up to 20% if I get good service, and I think many others do too!
However, There is a new ’60 Minutes’/Vanity Fair Poll out that found the discrepancy is wide for how much pe…
Cops Take $12,000 Tip Away From Waitress
One waitress was pretty excited to find a $12,000 tip on her table, but cops ended up taking it because they thought it was drug money. She was told the money would be hers if it wasn't claimed in 60 days then that changed to 90 days.
Flint Fazoli’s Closed, New Restaurant Concept Planned
Bread sticks will make way for burgers and fries, as the Fazoli's restaurant in Flint Township has closed its doors. The fettuccine franchise ceased operations yesterday. (March 31st)
Restaurant owner Brent Skaggs says he plans to re-open the Corunna Rd. facility in late May as an "upsc…
Flint Kid-Friendly Restaurants – Erin’s Top Seven
My niece and nephews recently came up for lunch and I wasn't sure where I was going to take them. They're pretty young so I needed to find a kid friendly restaurant so I did a little research to figure out where to go. I found several good places for lunch and dinner, so if you're loo…
Food & Drinks You Can Only Get in Flint – Our Top Five
Flint is known for many things -- the automotive industry (what's left,) the awful crime rate and high unemployment -- that being said we are known for a few good things, some of the food staples that are from our great city. Check out the top five food staples from Flint after the jump....

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