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President Obama Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal By End of 2011
President Obama announced today that all U.S. troops will be coming home from Iraq at the end of this year, closing out a war that has lasted nearly nine years and cost nearly 4,500 American lives. The announcement came after the White House and Iraqi government failed to reach an agreement that wo…
The President Says America Has Gotten A ‘Little Soft’ [Video]
When you were a kid did your parents or grandparents ever say to you, things were a lot harder when we were kids? Mine certainly did, I have even caught myself saying that to my kids from time to time.
President Obama in a speech on Thursday said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and got…
One Scoop or Two, Mr. President? [VIDEO]
Can you imagine being in line to get ice cream at Feather N' Fin or Banana Boat, and in walks the President of the United States?
It happened about a week ago, in Alexandria VA.  I think I'd let him cut in line too!
Hit the jump to check out the video.

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