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Watch: President Obama Declares June LGBT Pride Month [VIDEO]
Just weeks after telling ABC News that he supports gay marriage, President Obama is once again showing his support for alternative lifestyles by declaring June LGBT Pride Month.
Obama released a YouTube video that highlights the struggles homosexuals have endured throughout the years, and made the fo…
Marine Discharged For Slamming Obama On Facebook
A few weeks ago there was a story about a Marine who could be in trouble for making negative comments about President Obama on his Facebook page. Now Sgt. Gary Stein has learned that he will be discharged for his online comments and he completely regrets this mistake.
Marine Who Slammed Obama On Facebook Might Be Dismissed
A marine who criticized President Obama on his personal Facebook page could be getting kicked out of the military. A military board has said he committed misconduct and have suggested he gets an other-than-honorable discharge, which means he would lose his benefits and not be allowed on base.
President Obama Sings the Blues with Mick Jagger [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama was singing the Blues, but it has nothing to do with healthcare or politics. The East Room of the White House was turned into a blues club last night for a taping of a PBS special which will air  at 9 p.m. Monday. (Feb. 27th)
Check out the video:  Mick Jagger handed the Command…

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