Babysitting Goes Horribly Wrong in Hilarious Prank
Although raising children is a full-time job, parents still need to blow off a little steam every now and then. But what happens when a parent indulges in several questionable adult activities while a baby is strapped to his chest? Hilarity, that's what.
Did You Get ‘Pranked’ in the iPhone Line?
Here's the prank: Dress like an employee of Apple, walk by the hundreds of people waiting in line for what you are delivering.....the newest version  of  iPhones. Then, the delivery guy clumsily knocks over the iPhone boxes that he's delivering, and he drops them  multiple t…
The Naked Getaway
Seen a good streaker in your day? Football fans got and eyefull and a round of excitement seeing a very impressive streaking prank.
Who’s That Celebrity? [VIDEO]
Watch what happens when a guy dresses fancy uses fake body guards and hires people to take pictures of him.
It's funny to watch some of the interviews and hear people say how much they love this person they THINK is famous.
Holding Random People’s Hands Prank Is Our Favorite Prank Ever
We see people holding hands all the time, with the assumption being that the pair know each other. But the pranksters of LAHWF have put a new twist on the gesture of physical intimacy by walking up to random folks and taking them by the hand. Check out the video results of this interesting sociologi…
Hey Why Isn’t This Vacuum Working? [VIDEO]
That's right as long as there is a cellphone camera around we will get to see the silly things that people do.
Not only do the people recording not tell the lady that the vacuum is unhooked but the other guy walks past her twice and doesn't say anything!!
Watch for yourself.
Bachelor Party Bungee Prank [VIDEO]
Imagine you're preparing for your bachelor party and your buddy suggests bungee jumping. And then your buddy adds a twist, "We're going to blindfold you." Oh, OK. Kokovstov is the unlucky groom to be.
He thinks a 50 foot jump but it's only a three-foot plunge into a s…
Guy Pranks His Girlfriend For Fun
Some people are just born pranksters, and the perfect victim is someone close to you. A girlfriend or a wife make for perfect victim. I'm not recommending this, just observing what lengths some people will go to. Check out the video of this guy scaring these girl...
Man Quits Jobs He Doesn’t Even Have [VIDEO]
This guy is hilarious!  He goes to different businesses and quits jobs he never had. He actually convinces people he works for them.
This guy could actually make  something out of his life with his natural power of persuasion.
Watch this guy in action.

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