White Smoke; New Pope
It didn't take as long as some have, as a matter of fact this was a rather quick decision on the new pope. White smoke was released from the Sistine Chapel today, signaling that a new pope has been chosen.
Black Smoke On First Vote – No New Pope Yet
It indicated that the new pope had not been elected when a plume of black smoke rose out of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican yesterday.  It indicates that no one received the required two-thirds majority for election. So, they resume today.
The Pope’s Retirement Plan According to SNL
Saturday Night Live came up with a plan for the Pope. You can't go into retirement without a plan, can you?  Thus, SNL created a fake commercial for a service company that helps Popes plan for their retirement. Since it only happens every 600 years or so, maybe we needed a refresher. Have …
Pope Blesses Facebook
In a statement released today, Pope Benedict XVI has given his blessing for the use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, but he also warned against the risks.