Lion Receiver Gets A Years Supply Of DiGiorno Pizza
Nate Burleson is on the injured reserve list for the Detroit Lions because the wide receiver suffered a broken arm in a car accident where he was trying to save pizza from hitting the floor while braking. Now, he won't have to worry about pizza for a whole year...
Woman Has Only Eaten Cheese Pizza For 31 Years
We’ve all briefly contemplated an all-pizza diet, usually after biting into a particularly tasty slice. Englishwoman Claire Simmons has been living that dream for 31 years. Not so surprisingly, it plays out like more of a nightmare.
Pizza Vending Machine Cooks Pizza In 90 Seconds [Video]
So how would you like it if there was a vending machine just for pizza? A guy in New York has developed a pizza vending machine that will cook your pizza and 90 seconds and you can even watch the pizza being cooked right in front of you. When the pizza is done it's delivered in a box with a disposab…

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