Meet Taco – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
We continue with our Pals with Paws Halloween theme. Taco is today's special pet. Gee, I wonder why they call him Taco? Keep in mind as you read this, I'm always looking for more pictures of your pets in costume.. Just send them to
Meet Keekah – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
We continue with our Halloween theme today, and will right through the end of the month.  I'm always looking for more  photos of your pet dressed in a Halloween costume. Just like Keekah, today's Pal with Paws.
Lets learn more about today's Halloween pup after the jump.
Dog Plays the Piano [VIDEO]
A dog with suspiciously human-like hands is able to play a jaunty tune on the piano. Check out what this musically talented (and well-dressed) German shorthaired pointer can do below.
Meet Cooper Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Have you ever looked at a dog and said to yourself, he or she looks smart? That's what I said to myself when I first saw this picture of Cooper, today's Pal with Paws.
Lets learn more about this smart looking fella after the jump.
Meet Griffin – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Today's Pal with Paws, Griffin,  is four-years-old, and by looking at his picture, I would say he is a very happy and well cared for dog, just look at that great big smile.
Griffin is a mix of many different breeds, he is Lab, Chow-Chow, German Shepherd and a little bit of Beagle just for g…
Meet Zeke – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
I'm sure you'll agree today's Pal with Paws is a handsome fella. Zeke's photo was sent to us by one of his biggest fans Samantha, who tells me that Zeke loves to pose for the camera. It shows,learn more about Zeke after the jump.
Meet Moonshine – Today’s Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Moonshine is an interesting mix of breeds, he's part Rat, Jack and Fox Terrier. I wonder which one of the Terrier breeds Moonshine thinks he most resembles? Moonshine will be eight in October, lets find out how he got the name Moonshine after the jump.

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