Too Cute! Dog Imitates Baby Talk [Video]
Rod and I discussed dog owners who talked baby talk to their pets earlier this week, but what about dogs that use baby talk to communicate with their humans? Check out the beautiful Husky matching the baby syllable for syllable in the precious video after the jump!
Don’t Kiss Your Dog – His Gum Disease Is Contagious
I've always thought that a dog's mouth was very clean. That must be a very popular old wives' tale, and I guess when you stop to think about it, and it doesn't really make that much sense. Look at where a dog puts his mouth! But did you know that it's a really bad idea to le…
Animal ‘Photobombers’ You Just Can’t Miss
The accepted definition of a "photobomber" is someone who sneaks their way into your pictures, completely changing what would have been a great picture of you, or your view.
But it isn't limited to just people who do this. Watch out for the pets too!

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