October is Spinach Lovers Month
October is many things, but for spinach lovers it is the month to celebrate the power of this green, leafy vegetable that goes great in salads, sandwiches and many other dishes.
Enjoy American Cheese Month in October
October is American Cheese Month.  Being in the midwest, we are close to a lot of place where cheese is produced.  Pinconning, Michigan is famous for their cheeses, and perhaps a dairy farm near you has their products end up in your grilled cheese sandwich or pizza.
How are You Celebrating Squirrel Awareness Month?
October is Squirrel Awareness Month.  Really.  Here in the state of Michigan we have plenty of squirrels.  If you have a bird feeder, you are probably aware that a couple of squirrels can Hoover up $20 worth of bird seed quicker than a politician can tell a lie.
Cars 108 Playlist – October 2011 Top Songs
On Cars 108's list of Top 40 Songs for September 2011, see what songs are making your day a bit better while listening to Cars 108. Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson move their way to the top spot, while Adele's new song "Someone Like you" is growing fast! Check ou