Ship Carrying Rocket Parts for NASA Hits Bridge
"Houston, we have a problem." Actually, that should be "Louisville, we have a problem," as a ship carrying rocket parts down the Tennessee River on it's way to Cape Canaveral, Florida hit a bridge. The bow of the Delta Mariner was covered in asphalt and twi…
Caution: Watch For Falling Satellite
Sometime between today and Saturday, there is a 1 in 3,200 chance of a person being hit by a falling satellite.  The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) was decommissioned in December 2005, and its altitude has been slowly decreasing ever since.
Space Shuttle Program: End Of An Era [VIDEO]
After three decades, NASA's Space Shuttle Program came to an end this morning just before 6am as Space Shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth from the International Space Station.
The video is hard to see because it was still dark when Atlantis landed, but you can hear Mission Control and the crew t…
Space Shuttle Tribute, That’s All Human
As a kid I was never that fascinated by outer space, I became very interested in the concept when NASA began the shuttle program. As a tribute to the retired program, 2,000 NASA workers got together to form a human shuttle; it took more than an hour to get all the workers in place. You can watch the…

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