Golden Retriever Jams To Music [Video]
Meet Bailey, the golden retriever who loves music. Bailey is really happy, while smiling and bobbing his head during a guitar session in his owner's friends basement. But Bailey gets upset when the music stops. Catch this cute video after the jump!
Take A Music Survey – Get Paid
Your opinion counts to Cars 108! You are invited to be part of an exclusive group of listeners who will help influence the station that you listen to, and, you will be paid for sharing your opinions about music! For each song survey you qualify for and complete, you will earn points redeemable for g…
Friday Night Artwalk Downtown Flint
The second Friday night of every month is Artwalk from 6-9 pm in downtown Flint.  The event is FREE and is staged at several different downtown locations.  Best place to start is the Greater Flint Arts Council on Saginaw Street.
Songs We are Ashamed to Admit We Like
We all have one of those favorite songs that we like, but we'll never tell anyone because we are ashamed. I'll admit right now that even though I don't like Miley Cyrus, I actually like her song "Party in the USA". And I really don't want to admit that I like &a…

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