Offensive Language Costs You $$$$ In Brussels
Brussels, Belgium is trying to curb salty language from it's citizens and make the city a better community for its residents.
Brussels Mayor Freddy Thieleman thinks any form of insult, be it racist or homophobic, offensive language or words used to sexually harass someone in public is unacceptab…
Would You Rather Have A Paper Dollar or $1 Coin? [Poll]
Lawmakers are introducing a bill to replace the dollar bill with a $1 coin. The switch would save anywhere from $200 million to $500 million because the coins stay in circulation longer.
In a recent survey, 70% of Americans want to keep the paper dollar. Would you rather have a paper dollar or $1 coi…
Prepared To Retire? Survey Points Out Pitfalls
It's not a good combination.....people are living longer, jobs are harder to find, and Social Security is in financial trouble. It makes retirement planning that much more difficult.
Research bears out that most people feel that they are not, and might not, be ready for their retirement...

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