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Olympic Swimmer Proposes After Winning Medal [VIDEO]
Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers proposed to his girlfriend of four years, Annie Chandler at the Missouri Grand Prix in Columbia, Missouri last weekend.
Matt popped the question immediately after winning the 100 meter backstroke.
The video is sweet, but it brings to mind a few questions:
Wedding Crashers: There’s an App for That! [VIDEO]
John Beckwithand (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) made it look easy in the 2005 comedy "Wedding Crashers."
Now thanks to a mobile app, you can score a free meal, drinks, and leave the bride and groom both saying, "Seriously? I thought that was YOUR friend!?!"
OK, offici…
Romeo Proposes While Being Set On Fire [VIDEO]
There are standard marriage proposals, cute proposals and there are those that are just really weird. This one falls into that category. I think it may have something to do with seeing fireworks. It's kind of weird but cute at the same time.
Take the jump to see the fireworks.
Marriage Proposal Fail [VIDEO]
Watch as this UCLA basketball fan proposes in front of hundreds of people on the Jumbo-Vision Screen. Ouch.
Note to the ladies:  Public marriage proposals must always always always be accepted! If the answer is "no" break his heart later. Privately.
Guy Gets Electrocuted While Proposing To Girlfriend
A guy in China got electrocuted while trying to propose to his girlfriend and to top it off, she said no! The two had actually broken up so he figured the gesture would win her back. He climbed a high-voltage electricity pole near her work while covering the pole with signs declaring his love.
Talking Trashcan Encourages Marrige Proposal [VIDEO]
We've seen some awesome marriage proposals, but this one is a little different. Gary's proposal to Kate at Walt Disney World was completely unplanned, and inspired by a talking trashcan.
This garbage can must have known what he was doing, because Gary and Kate were married in 2010!
Women Faints After Boyfriend Proposes [Video]
Talk about getting swept off your feet during a proposal. One guy got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend, but she fainted right after he popped the question. The video was shot by his best friend so you'll have to watch this proposal after the jump. Did anything crazy like this happe…
Sometimes A Dog Can Ruin A Marriage Proposal [VIDEO]
Being the owner of a big needy dog I can truly relate to this story. My dog Claire, always has to be the center of attention or in the middle of everything we do. A dog may be man’s best friend, but one canine couldn't resist the urge to ruin a man’s marriage pro…
Mexico City ‘Proposes’ Two-Year Marriage License
'Til "two years" do us part!
If you'd rather lease than own, this may be for you. Officials in Mexico City are considering a proposal that would replace the traditional marriage license with a two-year contract. The bill is being considered because of the high rate of divorce, and because o…

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