Lapeer’s $337-Million Powerball Winner Revealed
As we told you a few weeks ago, the $337 million Powerball Jackpot is going to a single winning ticket holder.  That winner, now a multi-millionaire, bought that golden ticket just down the road in Lapeer.  The identity of the winner was revealed at 11:30 this morning.
Powerball Winner In Lapeer
One grand prize winner in the Powerball, and the lucky ticket was sold just down the road in Lapeer.
The jackpot ended up totaling $337 million dollars.
$6 Million Lotto Winner Close To Home
Oh, how I wish it was mine! The Michigan Classic Lotto 47 Jackpot winner from Wednesday, May 2nd is most likely someone
close to home. The winning ticket valued at $6,319,677 still hasn't been redeemed but we do know where the lucky ticket was sold, and it's close to Flint!
Woman Wins $1 Million Lottery Twice In One Day
I'm pretty jealous of this Virginia woman who won $1 million in the lottery twice in one day. What are the odds of winning once, much less twice in the same day? Virginia Pike says she was shocked to find out she won twice and loves playing the lottery.

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