Paying A $1,200 Bill With Coins = Lawsuit
When it comes to paying your bills, some people would rather try and make a statement, than to do it the easy way. A client in the United Kingdom was upset with his accountant's fees and decided to express his irritation by paying him in coins.  But, in the end the accountant got the last …
Family Suing LandLord Over Haunted House
When it comes to haunted houses, I'm not one to jump at the chance to look at one or watch any of those shows on TV because the thought of them freaks me out. One family who recently moved into their home experienced paranormal activity and is now suing the landlord.
Lawsuit Against Happy Meal Toys Dismissed
The group in California who wanted toys banned from happy meals at McDonald's just got their case removed by a judge. The group claimed McDonald's was violating laws and trying to lure kids in with toys by making them eat unhealthy meals.
Costa Concordia Offering 30% Off Future Cruises To Survivors
The survivors from the Costa Concordia cruise ship think the ship's latest offer is quite tacky and ridiculous. The company announced they will offer 30% off future cruises to the survivors in addition to offering a full refund to everyone on board. There are still people missing and as one sur…

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