‘World’s Strongest Kid’ Does Push-Ups On Bottles [VIDEO]
Watching this video reminds me of all the things I used to be able to do when I was this kid's age. My how time passes. Even if I was able to do this as a child my parents wouldn't have let me. Broken glass thing.
Take the jump and check this super boy out. He actually does push-ups on top …
Kids Behind The Glass With Zoo Animals [VIDEOS]
Kids love animals, and animals love kids. So, at a zoo with wild anlmals, it makes sense to keep the kids away from the animals, so they don't end up as dessert. — or at least wish they could.
Here are just a few reasons to be really nice to the people who make glass enclosures.
Best Crying Kid Videos Of 2011 [Videos]
This seemed to be the year of a lot of crying kid videos that some thought were funny, while others found cruel.
How could you forget Jimmy Kimmel asking audience members to tell their kids they ate their Halloween candy and then asking the audience to give their kids a terrible Christmas gift, while…
Hey Moms, It Could Be Your Fault Your Kid Is Overweight
Childhood obesity is soaring. In fact, about a third of US children are currently overweight or obese — and a new study may reveal one big cause.
Researchers found toddlers who have a poor relationship with their moms could be twice as likely to be obese by the time they turn 15, possibly becau…

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