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Did Kid Rock Scalp His Own Concert Tickets To Make More Money?
Kid Rock has really come into his own as a kind of goodwill ambassador for the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan, and he's certainly been very generous with his time, money and talent. That's why I was so surprised by what he revealed in a recent interview with CNN's Piers Mor…
Kid Rock Says ‘No Hard Feelings’ to President Obama [Video]
Kid Rock was pretty up front about who he supported in the recent presidential election. The Detroit musician was a very big Mitt Romney fan.One would think that he might be a sore loser, since President Obama won another four years, but in a recent interview that he gave the Washington Post and on …
Kid Rock Writes New Anthem For Detroit Lions
Kid Rock has been good to Detroit. He has been generous with his time, he has been generous with his money, and he has been generous with his talent. See what he's been up to lately after the jump.

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