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What People in Haunted Houses Are Really Afraid Of
One of our new favorite things about Halloween is funny, candid pictures of people being scared senseless in a haunted house. We had to ask ourselves though, what were they seeing that was so scary? We put our heads together, and we think we've figured it out. Here are our guesses at what was so sca…
Is Justin Bieber the New Face of the Pro-Life Movement?
A conservative website is celebrating things Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette has said and written about her past, including her decision to give birth, as opposed to aborting, after getting pregnant at 17. Does this mean that Justin Bieber is the new face of the pro-life movement?
Did ‘American Idol’ Want Justin Bieber?!
It seems like everyone who’s anyone in pop and country music is in the running for the vacant judge posts on ‘American Idol.’ Diva Mariah Carey is the only judge firmly in place, as sole OG judge Randy “In It to Win It” Jackson’s future remains up in the air, dawg.
It’s ironic, since he’s Mimi’s mana…
Justin Bieber Causes Paparazzi Crash
Justin Bieber drives a Fisker Karma — and he may have inadvertently delivered some actual karma to some overly aggressive paparazzi. When two paps tried chasing Biebs down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, they wound up crashing into each other!
Justin Bieber Gets Crown Tattoo
Justin Bieber continues to add to his tattoo collection. After getting a ‘Believe’ tattoo when his album dropped in June — not to mention getting all sorts of guff from David Letterman about inking his body while a couch guest on the show — and a music symbol in the…
Brits Fire Back at Justin Bieber for Prince William Diss
The Brits are not taking kindly to Justin Bieber‘s comments about Prince William — you know, the country’s future king — and his thinning hair. The Biebs suggested that Prince Billy take Propecia, as if it was that simple.
The Biebs also seemed insensitive, since, as a teen with an enviable head of t…

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