Just For Laughs: Gags

Fun Pranks At A Zoo [VIDEO]
Time for yet another prank from the crew at "Just For Laughs: Gags!"  This time were going on a safari, involving an elephant.
Check out the prank after the jump!
Summer Fun And Beach Gags [VIDEO]
As hot as it has been this week, a trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered.  The beach is also the perfect setting for another great prank from the gang at "Just For Laughs: Gags!"
Being a good Samaritan is often a rewarding feeling, but when you deal with this crew, …
Another Super Prank [VIDEO]
There's nothing like a good prank, but the gang at "Just For Laughs: Gags" have it down to a science. I've mentioned before on the morning show that this is one of my all time favorites on TV.
No matter how ridiculous or silly some of the pranks may be, my favorite element…