More High School Grads Taking Jobs At Strip Clubs [POLL]
Because high school grads can't find work,  more kids are taking jobs at strip clubs. Strip clubs all over the U.S. have been offering jobs with good pay.
So parents, how would you feel if one of your kids worked at a strip club because they couldn't find work anywhere else?
Science and Technology Jobs Available – Too Challenging?
Millions of people are unemployed in America these days, but there ARE jobs out there. If you check the employment classified you just might find a number of jobs available in the fields of, science, technology, engineering, and math. Millions of Americans may be out of work, but numerous surveys ha…
The President Says America Has Gotten A ‘Little Soft’ [Video]
When you were a kid did your parents or grandparents ever say to you, things were a lot harder when we were kids? Mine certainly did, I have even caught myself saying that to my kids from time to time.
President Obama in a speech on Thursday said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and got…
Flint Township Casino Could Bring In 700 Jobs
According to the Flint Journal, The Bay Mills Indian Community is thinking about building a casino in the area which could generate 700 jobs in Genesee County. Officials will be meeting next month to go over this potential plan.
Mayor Dayne Walling Discusses Job Growth
Last week, President Obama announced his new plan for job creation and Mayor Dayne Walling sat down in the studio to discuss the future of jobs in Genesee County. The mayor says it's up to everyone to work together in this situation:
Odd Jobs with Rod and Erin
Odd Jobs with Rod and Erin
Would you consider your job different or unique? How would you like it if Rod and Erin stopped by your work place to try your job? Here's how it works: Fill in the form below to let them know where you work and what you do...

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