Crisis in Japan Could Mean Tech Shortage
It may seem relatively unimportant, compared to the devastation caused by the worst earthquake and tsunami in Japan's recent history, but parts originating in Japan's factories are at the heart of many consumer electronics.  Manufacturers will soon face shortages, which will have a se…
What Social Media Tells Us About Our Manhood [UPDATED]
Social media is not just for teens and tweens, it seems to be the way most men feel comfortable about communicating with others as well.  Yes the majority of the population has a Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even a blog, but is this the way a man feels most comfortable communicating with others…
Meet George Bieber [VIDEO]
Now you can Bieber yourself! The folks at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon unveiled an iPhone app the other nighty, and if you missed it, read more to watch.
Now you can put a mop on your boss, coworkers, friends, family - anybody!
Confession App: Forgive Me, iPhone
Say it with me:  "There's an app for that."  A new iPhone app gives Catholics the opportunity to confess - electronically.
The iPhone app is called "Confession", and it's intended to walk sinners through the sacrament with a "personaliz…
Coming To A Brain Near You: The APP That Can Read Minds
Are you ready for this?  An iPhone application has been developed that can read minds.  The XWave allows users to control on-screen objects with their minds.  It works via a headset strapped around the user's forehead, plugging into the iPhone jack...