Best Twitter Reactions to the New iPhone 5
So Apple is releasing a new iPhone (again). It's thinner, lighter, bigger and faster. It comes with headphones that might actually fit your ears. It fits in your hand. It also possesses the ability to explode the Twitterverse. Here's what people are saying.
Beware Bathroom Peepers With iPhones!
This story will make you look around the next time you use a public restroom. It's the story of an enterprising intern at a CVS store in Albany, NY who tried to get hot shots of ladies in the rest room taking care of business.
Woman Shoots Son-In-Law Over Custody Dispute [NSFW] [VIDEO]
It was a good thing that Salvatore Miglino had his iPhone recording last Wednesday when he went to pick up his son from his mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner.  She stood outside her home with the toddler's pillow and bag as he pulled up.
When he asked for the things she didn't simply hand t…
Battery Life Fix Is Now Available For iPhones
There is a new software update available for iPhones, iPads and iPods, that has just been released to fix problems that are shortening their battery life. Apple has released the update after a small number of customers reported lower than expected battery life on their devices.
Cash In On Your Old iPhone
With the introduction of the new iPhone 4S, we're bound to see a number of older phones being offered up for sale. That said, a large number of  phone owners (iPhones and others) will simply put that old phone on the shelf and forget about it.
Don't save it, sell it.
Will Apple Unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4?
Sources claim Apple’s newly-installed CEO, Tim Cook, will preside over an October 4 media event in which he will announce the long-awaited iPhone 5.
The date is consistent with previous reports setting early October as the release date for the next-generation smartphone.

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