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Baskin-Robbins Goes Nacho Flavor
What is in a name? You can call them “Waffle Chip Dippers,” all you want, but in reality they are ice cream nachos. Baskin-Robbins is selling them at certain locations for $2.99.
June is National Dairy Month, Ice Cream Anyone?
The month of June is Dairy Month, 30 days to promote the health and financial benefits of dairy products and the dairy industry. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and vitamin D, and also provide protein to your diet.
One Scoop or Two, Mr. President? [VIDEO]
Can you imagine being in line to get ice cream at Feather N' Fin or Banana Boat, and in walks the President of the United States?
It happened about a week ago, in Alexandria VA.  I think I'd let him cut in line too!
Hit the jump to check out the video.

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