Operation Skyfall: The First Hamburger in Space [VIDEO]
Five Harvard students took it upon themselves to be the first to launch a hamburger into space. They tied it to a weather balloon along with a camera and a GPS unit. According to their YouTube video, it made it to around 90,000 feet before the balloon popped. They tracked it down in a tree about …
America Agrees: Five Guys Is the Best Burger Chain
According to a survey of 7,600 consumers by Market Force Information, Five Guys is the best burger franchise in America.
In fact, Five Guys topped the competition in each of the survey's regions—the Northeast, Midwest, South and West—an impressive feat for a …
How Come Flint Didn’t Make ‘Best Hamburger’ List?
Hamburgers have come a long way in the past few years. They have moved into a place of passion for those who REALLY love burgers. There are now a number of chain restaurants that specialize in burgers. But how come Flint didn't make the "Best Hamburger" list?