2014 Grammys Performances [VIDEO]
The 2014 Grammys performance list includes many of music's heavyweights. Representing country, rock, hip-hop and more, the group is comprised of Grammy vets as well as newcomers.
Who Won the “Song of the Year” at Grammys?
fun. was the big winner when it came to the  Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammys. It was their debut single, 'We Are Young,' that brought them one of music's biggest awards.It is always the one award I like to watch, because it is always a statement of where music has moved in t…
Bruno Mars Rocked His Grammy Performance [Video]
Bruno Mars is a hit or miss with me. Sometimes I like his songs and other times I don't. I have to say his performance last night was awesome. He sang "Runaway Baby" and between the singing and dancing, he rocked it. Check it out after the jump. If you watched the Grammys, who…

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