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Do You Support Domestic Oil Drilling? [Poll]
Gas prices keep going up and it's only going to get higher according to researchers. 62% of adults say they would support more domestic oil drilling because of the price of gas. Would you support it? Take our survey and let us know.
Gas Prices Hit $4 a Gallon, Are You Feeling it Yet?
We've been past the $4 a gallon threshold before. Last time it happened, it was in the summer months. That made it a little easier to take, as a lot of folks hopped on motorcycles or bicycles. Many carpooled or just drove less. Vacations were taken closer to home. Demand went down and so did th…
Gas Prices Rise, Right Before Your Eyes [VIDEO]
Ever have the pleasure of pulling up to the gas pump, and seeing the price is a little lower than the road sign indicates? It's a real treat when the cashier's voice crackles through the speaker, and says, "Wait! Don't start pumping yet, I'm about to lower the price.&…
Gas Prices Up 2nd Time In Less Than A Week
For the second time in less than a week, prices at the pump have jumped. This time up to $3.69 a gallon. Petroleum industry analysts have speculated that the price could be over $4 a gallon as a national average by April. Talk of $5 a gallon by Memorial Day is being bandied about.
Gas Prices Could Hit $5 A Gallon By Summer
Last week analysts were predicting gas prices could reach $4.50 a gallon by Memorial Day and now experts are saying they could soar to $5 a gallon, according to They say if it does reach $5, you can expect to see gas prices around this same price for the entire summer.
Yikes! Gas Prices Spike Again
Gas prices spiked in the Flint area just before Christmas. They took another jump just before the end of 2011. Less than a week into 2012, the price jumped again.
Unleaded gasoline could be had for less than 3 dollars a gallon in Flint a few days before Christmas. Now it's 3.59 just 3 weeks later.
Gas Prices Jump, Just in Time For Christmas
Yesterday, gas prices in the Flint area were right around $3 a gallon. Many stations were selling for less than that. Just 4 days before Christmas, right on time for holiday travelers, the price magically jumped to $3.39 at just about every station.
Michigan Gas Prices on the Decline [Video]
We're finally starting to see gas prices drop, which is a very good sign for drivers. Last week I had to pay $4.25 for a gallon and yesterday prices had already dropped to $3.94 at some local stations. $3.94 is still way too high, but at least it's under $4.

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