Food Distribution Set For Tomorrow
There is going to be a food distribution Saturday, May 11th, beginning at 9:30am for those in need of assistance. There will be volunteers who will deliver food packages right to your car. It happens at the Great L
akes Technology Center at 4800 S. Saginaw, in Flint.
Are We In For Higher Bread, Cereal and Flour Prices Soon?
Old man winter just doesn't want to let go of the mid-west this spring. The snow, rain and freezing temps have been relentless, and those conditions don't mean great things for the crops trying to grow in that region of the U.S. Wonder what that means we'll pay more for in the grocery…
Hang On Sloopy – You Can Do It
On of the best things about Thanksgiving is the food. At our house that includes the pets who always seem to beg their way into an extra treat. Sloopy the Chihuahua had to work a little extra for his holiday treats. Check out the video for all the fun...
Beware Airline Food – FDA
The Food and Drug Administration has given us a reason to reconsider eating on an airline. In their investigative work they discovered the presence of mice, ants and roaches in airline food. The news makes that sealed package of pretzels sound delicious, doesn't it?
The 15 Grossest Instagram Shots of Thanksgiving Dinner
There are tons of things we love about Thanksgiving, like how it's socially acceptable to dress up as a pilgrim in public. (Other people do that too, right?) Obviously boats full of gravy will trump square-buckled shoes every time though. Unless said gravy has been passed through the Hudso…

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