Bay City Fireworks Delight Thousands [VIDEOS]
An estimated 300,000 people poured into Bay City for the 50th Anniversary of the fireworks celebration. The annual event is one of the nation's biggest. The culmination of the three-day festival was Saturday night, as 50,000 shells lit up the sky over the Saginaw River in 50 minutes.
We've …
Fireworks Bring Neighbors Together
Over the weekend, I picked up some newly-legal high flying fireworks for the holiday.  Being the pyromaniac that I am, I couldn't wait until Wednesday, so we set off a few Sunday Night.  I had also planned to light just a couple last night. That was the plan anyway.
West Virginia Fireworks Stand Explosion Caught On Video
I would say this is the best looking disaster you'll ever see. In Chester, West Virginia drivers were treated to an early Fourth of July display after a careless salesman let off $50,000 worth of fireworks.
It was all caught on video. Take a look and happy early Fourth of July.
Have A Plan For Your Pet When Fireworks Start
It is not too early to start thinking about your pet with the 4th of July on the horizon. Most dogs and cats are afraid of the sound of fireworks.
This year the "sound" could well be enhanced by a new change in the laws that allows more explosive fireworks in Michigan. So, how do yo…

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